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A testimony from a Symprove user about their improved gut health, worth a read.

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A testimonial from a Symprove user.

Please find below copy of a recent email my Head Office received, we receive these testimonials on a daily basis , but with the recent IBD news etc. I thought you might like to share another Symprove success story.

My husband developed lactose intolerance about two years ago, followed by fructose malabsorption a few months after that. We tried everything to manage and fix the problem as even the smallest amount of either caused very bad reactions but the best we could find were very expensive fructose pills and ineffective lactose ones. We did a fermenting gut type of diet, then went paleo, thenonto low fodmap, becoming more and more restricted with time and to our horror found that my husband, Andy, seemed to be getting worse. He lost the ability to eat onions and even things he should have been able to tolerate small amounts of on the low fodmap diet didn't work. We got to the point where he couldn't eat something made with a stock cube or something that had been preserved in vinegar and were despairing. Despite my hundreds of hours of trawling the internet, it was my husband who said a banner had popped up suggesting this thing called 'Symprove' whilst he'd been casually browsing. I googled away and decided to give it a go. I had been nowhere near as bad as Andy health wise but have always had rubbish digestion, very dry skin, hormonal imbalance and sometimes bowel problems and wanted to be as healthy as possible so everything we tried, we tried together.

About 9 weeks into symprove we read that a lot of the foods we had cut out were really important for the gut so decided to try reintroducing them. Rye bread went down fine, which was a victory but other carbs still caused problems so we stuck with small amounts of anything less volatile with prebiotic contents. At the end of week 12 we decided to brave it as we're going on holiday soon and wanted to know what point Andy was at. He tried a banana, we sat and waited for the bending over double in pain and it did not arrive. The next day Andy tried honey as a sure-fire test and was again fine. We've since tested milk, garlic, onions and all manner of carbs, all with no side-effects and are over the moon. Every few hours one of us will suddenly shout out a random food that we've realised Andy can now eat again and it is truely life-transforming for us - years of not going out, checking every ingredient and making bland meals are gone. I've improved a great deal with my problem areas as well. Our poor children now have daily lectures about gut-health and have been put on symprove themselves (I'm afraid they're not fans but are bribed!). We're also delighted that we can get in touch with others we know in this situation and recommend Symprove to them. We're so grateful to the Symprove team, thinking about life continuing in the fashion it did doesn't bear thinking about. This whole experience has made us evaluate our habits and stress levels and will hopefully keep those in check from now on but Symprove is clearly the backbone of the whole operation.

Thank you again and keep up the good work!


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