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Winter protection.

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This blog is just a reminder to readers of good wholesome supplements and foods to be using in the cold season.

1. First and foremost Garlic and Ginger are of prime importance to our immune function actually working.

2. Elderberry, its the anti viral that disables many dangerous viruses before they take hold in our bodies.

3. Echinacea...Astragalus...Allicin (garlic active ingredient in very concentrated form)...Citricidal (another concentrate  but from grapefruit seed extract).

4. There are also many useful tinctures that may be employed in severe viral attacks.

Wild Indigo if you can obtain it (Baldwins are a good source)


Pau D' Arco.

5. Our excellent Oil of Wild Oregano. One of the few naturals that actually kills many bad bacteria, fungus, virus. 

I have dealt with the same family firm for 7 years+ that ensures ethical production and real genuine wild oregano only.

6. Olive Leaf Extract. The one we stock is the best I have found, "Ameriden" look it up, its the dogs doodas!

Be well. Peter.


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