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A protocol for gallstones

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After searching the internet I could only find snatches of information about what to take for gallstone dissolution, I therefore went back to my books and found this gem that is simple but effective, without the need to resort to the olive oil and lemon flush (which incidentally seems to be quite dangerous due to a loosened stone blocking the duct on leaving the gallbladder).

Simple is best.

Firstly mix 2 dessert spoons of soya lecithin granules and 2 of organic oat bran with 1 large beaker of water, add some nice tasting green foods powder and dink twice a day.

This emulsifies the cholesterol lump that is responsible for most but not all gallstones.

Secondly take 1000mg of L-methionine between meals. (amino acids need to go in on empty stomach)

Thirdly take vit E 200iu every day.

Fourthly take 2 peppermint enteric coated tabs before each meal ( there is some research stating the menthol contained in peppermint breaks down gallstones)

Fifthly take cloudy apple juice with 2 tablespoons (at least, more if you like) of organic cider vinegar with mother. (bional do a good one) The malic acid in this mixture again helps break down gallstones.

Drink at least 4 ltrs of good filtered water per day, and eat fibrous veg, exclude eggs and dairy products as they contain lots of cholesterol (thats what you must avoid). Keep up the intake of soluble fiber as this stops the formation of the stones.

With love. Natures Way.


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