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A short youtube VT on Ancient minerals magnesium oil. Please watch the link.



Vitamin D supplements could reduce asthma risk

Vitamin D3 has to be one of the best supplements to take at this time of the year. See photo.

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link for tick removal

This is an excellent link for how to remove a tickhttp://www.wikihow.com/Remove-a-Tick

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The perils of the great outdoors, & why you should always carry tick tweezers when out hill walking

The perils of ticks in the great outdoors, & why you should always carry tick tweezers when hill walking.I have a pair of tick tweezers in my rucksack, it’s essential kit for this time of the year, especially if walking where there are animals, remember ticks love deer…..& then there’s the sheep. I was talking [...]

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Winter protection.

This blog is just a reminder to readers of good wholesome supplements and foods to be using in the cold season.1. First and foremost Garlic and Ginger are of prime importance to our immune function actually working.2. Elderberry, its the anti viral that disables many dangerous viruses before they take hold in our bodies.3. Echinacea...Astragalus...Allicin [...]

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A protocol for gallstones

After searching the internet I could only find snatches of information about what to take for gallstone dissolution, I therefore went back to my books and found this gem that is simple but effective, without the need to resort to the olive oil and lemon flush (which incidentally seems to be quite dangerous due to [...]

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In need of relaxation?

There seems to be much stress in the world these days. If you need to de-stress, step out for a walk, do what you can, around the block at home is better than nothing. Or if you are lucky, as I was this week to go to 3 beautiful places, the Lake District on Sunday, [...]

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A testimony from a Symprove user about their improved gut health, worth a read.

A testimonial from a Symprove user.Please find below copy of a recent email my Head Office received, we receive these testimonials on a daily basis , but with the recent IBD news etc. I thought you might like to share another Symprove success story. My husband developed lactose intolerance about two years ago, followed [...]

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Wild Oregano Oil the story so far.

I have been buying Oregano Oil from the same family for some 8 years. In that time I have got to know the good people at Healthy-Health. They sell the best quality wild organic oregano oil on the planet. There is a lot of dross on the market at the moment, do your homework and [...]

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Viruses about in May Protect youself.

There seems to be another bout of colds at the moment, its rather late in the season, usually when the sun is up higher in the sky viruses retreat (they thrive in the cold, sunlight kills them). If these bugs attack your chest, consider using our Organic Wild Oregano Oil, its the best Turkish Oil on [...]

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